Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sophia Retreat at Pomegranate Studios

What does it mean to be an "artist"? Where does inspiration come from? Can you heal by expressing your art? The Sophia Retreat, an upcoming event hosted by Pomegranate Studios this fall, is meant to assist women in finding their own answers, as well as their own artistic expressions, in both poetry and dance forms.

Named Sophia, recalling ancient feminine wisdom, the retreat is envisioned by creator Myra Krien, owner of Pomegranate Dance Studios, as a call to awaken each individual, and using art as a means to seek that wisdom from within. "Bellydance has as a power to heal," Myra avows, and the retreat is an opportunity to delve deeply into that sophic process, using poetry and dance to question our predetermined ideas of who we are, and ideally, realigning ourselves with our true purpose.

The studio's highly successful SEEDs adolescent program for Self Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance -- which now has over a dozen programs internationally, including Canada and Mexico -- is based in belly dance instruction, but includes an emphasis on tackling body issues, self esteem, media literacy, nutrition, financial literacy and one's responsibility to give back to the community. When grown women requested a retreat for themselves similar to the teens', the Sophia Retreat answered that need, but places emphasis on the spoken word, and dance.

Presenters Myra and Jennifer Ferraro, a talented drummer, belly dancer, and poet, have collaborated together for over 14 years, although this is their first mutual retreat. Having used live music, Jennifer's poetry and Myra's choreography in years past, they hope this time to use those same creative beginnings to inspire others.

Journaling, writing exercises, and movement exercises help each attendant to create their own body of work during the retreat, including speaking and dancing the work, for those who are interested in having a performance experience. If you want to re-energize your inner artist, kick start some goal setting, and create a new vision for yourself, plan now! Spaces are limited to insure each individual gets plenty of one on one attention.

The retreat is scheduled October 3-6 in Santa Fe, NM, and more information can be found at or by calling (505) 986-6164.

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