Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Farfesha's Showcase at the South Broadway Cultural Center

It was an evening of world dance, as Farfesha studio presented their 11th annual student showcase, featuring nearly 80 performers, both students as well as teachers and choreographers, at the South Broadway Cultural Center on Saturday. Folk dancing from many countries and cultures around the world were skillfully presented, allowing performers of all ages, body shapes, and abilities to gain confidence in displaying their art on stage.

Belly dance (or Oriental dance) was not the only type of folk dancing featured, but a more global approach to the evening included hula and flamenco as well, the same as their studio offers, and dancers danced in everything from cowboy boots, to character shoes, and of course, barefoot. Prop work is essential to many of these works, so everything from veils, shawls, sticks and swords were used throughout the evening. Strong solos, as well as small group and larger ensemble pieces made for a varied program, and dance legend Amaya had a guest performance, a veil dance in the 2nd act, which provided another highlight to the evening.

While photos were prohibited, I did get this shot during intermission, which was adorable! It is always a joyful experience to see performers learning to present their work to others, and fascinating how one's eye is drawn to different dancers. Regardless of age or body type, there is such beauty to be found in any dancer who owns their movements, which Farfesha's students understand. And with bows set to the "Harlem Shake" they left the audience smiling.

For more information about Farfesha Belly Dance visit http://www.farfesha.com. 

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