Saturday, February 23, 2013

"How To Create Sacred Water" book signing

Water symbolizes the element of emotion in metaphysics, so it's no surprise I love this book and not just because it's written by Kathryn Ravenwood, someone I love, but because it takes a courageous soul to say, "Give thanks! Give back! Speak gratitude!" especially when that gratitude isn't for a person, but for a thing, an element.

Expressing gratitude for water, a resource that literally keeps you alive & healthy every day, and yet is often wasted, misused, polluted and forgotten... that is the essence of Ravenwood's book. While describing her own autobiographical journey with Spirit, Kathryn shares her foibles & triumphs while answering that internal call, and how it manifested as a loving force, meant to clarify and heal the waters of our world using intention and prayers. Her doubts, her questions, her rebellion and her grace while listening to that spiritual calling echo moments I see within myself, making her writing immediate and revelatory.

It's often a circuitous path, our spiritual journey, and finding your own answers is encouraged with Kathryn's book, with several chapters describing meditational journeys that assist the reader to find their own unique relationship to water. Working with the elements is a familiar practice to many, but Kathryn's focus is different, giving direction to "assisting Gaia" by keeping a water altar, and offering back the water in an effort to restore balance, energetically as well as physically.

Santa Fe locals can find Kathryn Ravenwood appearing today at The Ark Bookstore to sign and read from her bookHow to Create Sacred Water from 2-4 pm but if you're not nearby, be sure to follow the amazon link to grab a copy for yourself...

...'Cuz you're not getting mine.

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